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Scrub Daddy PowerPaste All Purpose Cleaning Paste Kit, All-Natural Cleanser + Dye Free Scrub Mommy, 1 Ct

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Scrub Daddy Power Paste is a natural all-purpose cleaning compound that can be used on a variety of surfaces to clean, polish, and protect and it comes with a Scrub Mommy. Directions for Use: Dampen Scrub Mommy with warm water and rub in the paste. Squeeze Scrub Mommy sponge to generate a cleaning foam. Apply Scrub Daddy PowerPaste with the Scrub Mommy FlexTexture side by working in a circular motion to remove substances like food debris, dirt, soap scum & limescale. For light cleaning or polishing, apply using the ResoFoam sponge side. Finish by wiping off Scrub Daddy PowerPaste with a damp clean cloth or rinse the surface until clean to the touch. To Store: Rinse Scrub Mommy, squeeze, and let air-dry completely before placing back in the container. Scrub Daddy PowerPaste should be kept in a cool dry place.

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