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Purple Power Concentrated Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser, 32 oz, Gel, Floor use

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Keep your home and vehicles clean and free of grease and grime with Purple Power Degreaser. It's a powerful cleaner that powers away even the most built-up messes. This Purple cleaner degreaser makes a smart addition to a collection of household basics. With it, you can remove even the toughest grime and grease. This potent formula serves as a multi-use cleaning solution. It clears residue, grease and scum from many surfaces and areas with ease. Use Purple Power Degreaser at home, in a factory, auto body shop or even on the farm. This 32 oz degreaser is appropriate for a wide variety of applications, making it extremely versatile. This concentrated industrial-strength cleaner can be used sparingly to get the job done. For safety, this cleaner degreaser is non-flammable and non-abrasive.

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