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Pledge® Multisurface Wipes, Everyday Clean™, Fresh Citrus Scent, 25 PC

by Pledge
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Now here's an easy and satisfying way to keep things clean—and to do it with no damage and no dullness: Pledge® Everyday Clean™ Multisurface Wipes. That's exactly why Pledge® Everyday Clean™ Wipes are pH-Balance. They're tough on messes, and they bring out the beauty of your home quickly and easily. These handy Pledge® Multisurface Wipes provide 3x better mess and dust removal vs. a dry cloth. The result is a beautiful home, with no streaks or residue left behind. Feel the satisfaction, with surfaces that are both clean and well maintained, thanks to a pH-Balance that is just right. And they contain no phosphorus, ammonia, bleach or dyes. It's easy on the nose as well, with a light Fresh Citrus scent. Use Pledge® Everyday Clean™ Wipes to clean 101 surfaces without damaging them. They're great for cleaning granite, marble, quartz, chrome, stainless steel, glass, mirrors, sealed wood, wood laminate, plastic, electronics and more!* And here's a Pledge® quick tip: Use Multisurface Wipes in your car to give your leather seats and dashboard a quick clean and shine. Make dust and messes, fingerprints, smudges and smears disappear with just a quick wipe. Pledge® Everyday Clean™ Wipes are whole-home cleaners that clean with no damage, and no dullness. *See label for details.

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