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Naughtyhood Cleaning Supplies,Household Cleaning,White Shoes Refresh Cleaning Tool Decontamination Uppers Complement Color 1x205ML,Clearance

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White Shoes Refresh Cleaning Tool Decontamination Uppers Complement Color 1x205ML
Training detergent 205ml
Designed to make your white training shoes look whiter every time you wear them.
The whitening agent is suitable for canvas shoes, vinyl shoes and leather shoes, with uniform coverage and no stripes.
Wipe it on your shoes and make it redundant and dirty.
Self-equipped brush head is easier to clean.
Product Description:
Apply lotion evenly before application, then apply the bottle on the bottom, and press the brush head on the basic lotion. When the white lotion comes out, stop pressing and gently apply the brush when the color is not enough. Then carry out the above operations until you are satisfied. Remember: do not use under pressure all the time, too much may damage the brush head! Colleagues who apply whitening agent suggest using paper products under the shoes to the whitening agent from falling to the ground
Package content:
1 shoe polish cleaner

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