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Naughtyhood Cleaning Supplies,Household Cleaning,2PCS All-PurposeE Foam Cleaner Cleaning Spaay Cleaning Artifact Strong Foam 60ml,Clearance

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All-PurposeE Foam Cleaner Cleaning Spaay Cleaning Artifact Strong Foam 60ml
Multifunctional car cleaner brings you a brand new, clean and fresh car, just like the day you bought it!
This high-quality water-based foam foaming technology can effectively clean and protect all internal surfaces, such as car engines, steering wheels, dashboards,
door panels, etc.
Use powerful cleansing foam quickly and easily.
It removes the dirt, fingerprints and any unwanted stains stuck on it, while retaining a non-greasy matte effect.
It also contains excellent UV protection to prevent fading, fading and cracking of harmful UV rays that last for 3 months.
Clean any surface
Suitable for any material, including fabric, canvas, leather, PVC, glass, vinyl, plastic,
rubber, metal, wood, gel coat, fiberglass, etc.
UV protection coating
Prevent harmful UV rays from fading, fading and cracking.
No rinse
Water-based cleaners justneed water to exchange the cleaner into foam form. No need to rinse after cleaning.
100% grease-free
Remove the dirt stuck on it, and leave a non-greasy, dry and matte makeup effect, lasting about 3 months without odor. 100% free of silicone oil and petroleum fractions that produce grease.
All surfaces are safe
Can be safe on all surfaces, including steering wheel, stereo, instrument panel, door panel, center console, etc. Clean the car from the inside out.
Keep the car fresh
The fresh lavender scent of the garden keeps the car interior fresh and eliminates odors.
Spray cleaner directly on the desired area.
Wipe with a towel or sponge until the stain is removed.
No need to rinse. After cleaning, wipe off the foam with a towel.
1 bottle Net content: 30ml
The package includes:
2 x multifunctional car cleaner
2x sponge 2x towel

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