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MR.Siga Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder for Bathroom, Gray and Black

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MR.SIGA Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder for Bathroom, Gray and Black,Conventional toilet brushes hold dirt and liquid, making them messy and unhygienic to use and clean. Also, their bristles can distort and wear, meaning they need to be replaced regularly. MR.SIGA toilet bowl brush set cleanliness won’t hold dirt and liquid like traditional brushes and the flexible head easily reaches every nook and cranny. Non-scratch Brush with under-rim brush design, removes dirt easier and make no damages, slim toilet brush Holder. The clean classic look works with any decor, perfect for any bathroom.Durable and flexible TPR fibers create long-lasting bristles for strong cleaning ability but won't scratch the toilet bowl, leaving your toilet bowl spotless and sanitary.

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