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Household Cleaning Supplies Under 5$ Powerful No-Rinse Bubble Cleaner To Bring Appliances, Pans Or Any Surface Back To Life 100Ml Multicolor One Size G414

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Powerful no-rinse bubble cleaner to bring appliances, pans or any surface back to life 100ml
product description:
Powerful no-rinse bubble cleaner
This all-purpose cleaner is revolutionary to easily cut through the greasy, dirtiest cooktops or cookware, with an advanced that works by corroding and entering surfaces. The air then work from below, removing grease or grime instantly with just water.
It's 100% so it's safe to use on toys, fitness equipment, vehicles, kitchenware, and more!
One bottle lasts 6 months!
Spray, soak and rinse! That's it!
Easily removes grease and grime
No more wasted time or effort - no scrubbing required
Work through depth and corrosion
Bring appliances, pans or any surface back to life
and tasteless
Works on all surfaces like sofas, countertops, pots and pans, shoes and more!
Don't waste money on new pots, coils or expensive chemicals. Bubble Cleaner is a safe solution for every cleaning need, no effort required, witness the of this revolutionary cleanser within seconds of spraying.
1. Spray the dirty area until it is covered
2. Wait 2-3 minutes
3. Wipe clean
Like , that old knife you thought was abandoned will be as good as new.
safety solutions
Including 200ML
Ingredients: Surfactant, Additives, Ionized Water
Size: 18x3.5x3.5cm
Large = 100 ml
Contains: 1pc cleaning solution

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