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Great Value Heavy Duty Kitchen Cleaner, Unscented, 16 oz

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Get a spotless oven with Great Value, Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner. This easy-to-use cleaner dissolves baked-on food and grease with no scrubbing necessary. Clean your barbecue grill, broiler, oven and stainless-steel surfaces with this hard-working spray. The cleaner comes in a 1-pound spray can with a detachable cap, which allows for multiple uses. The cleaner can be used for immediate cleaning of concentrated messes, or can be left to deep-clean overnight to make your oven or grill look like new. Soak overnight by simply shaking the can and spraying at a 45-degree angle until the interior is covered with foam. Shut the oven door and leave overnight, wipe foam out with a damp sponge or paper towel to reveal a sparkling appliance. Store this under your sink or in your garage. Fight grease and mess with Great Value Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner.

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